Will ignite

                 A flicker of yellow-white

            Shining gently, soft and bright

             Radiating through the night.

           As I poise my pen  to write,

         Detailing the nature of my plight

   And the final blow that forced me to fight

   And how I couldn’t tell wrong from right

     And why I shouldn’t have taken flight

    Allowing my fears to leave my sight--

  The omnipresent, ever-watching sprite

         Of the chivalrous inner knight

              Has much less insight

                Than the might

                 Of candlelight

VEENA SUMEDH is a rising sophomore at Mountain View High. She plays the violin and has a passion for computer science and math. In her free time, she read lots of Agatha Christie murder mysteries, write, swim, collect Japanese stationery, and bake cardamom-pistachio cakes.