Thank you to the Silicon Valley Clean Energy fund for generously sponsoring

Binsey Poplar Press presents

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The Art and Writing Environmental Awareness Contest

About us:

Binsey Poplar Press is a non-profit student art and writing magazine centered in Santa Clara County, California. We are run by a team of dedicated college and high school students, and we publish a magazine with work from students ages 12-26 across the globe. Due to a generous grant from the Silicon Valley Clean Energy fund, we were able to create this contest and offer cash prizes for winning student artists and writers.

Prizes and Benefits:

$1,000 in cash prizes, magazine publication, and a ceremony!

Our judges will select 3 students in each category (art and writing) to receive first, second, and third place prizes, along with $250, $150, and $100 to celebrate their work. Additionally, all award winners will be published in a special magazine issue of Binsey Poplar Press, and will receive copies to distribute to their friends and family. Everyone who submits will be invited to a ceremony to celebrate the winners and applicants; there, the winning artists and writers will talk about why they created their pieces and why environmental activism is important to them.

About our Team & Judging

Editors at Binsey Poplar Press are excited to review your work!

Our magazine editors will review our entries and select winners anonymously, meaning your age, country, gender, race, and name will not be known to the judges during the adjudication period. This is to ensure there is no bias against any entries. We will be selecting entries based on the emergence of a unique voice or vision, the quality of writing and art, the ability to make an environmental issue feel personal and important to readers/viewers, and the ability to enact change about important issues related to climate change, environmental activism, clean energy, etc. Our judges can be found on our website under the Masthead page.

Rules for the Contest:

Please review our guidelines before submitting.

  • Contest runs from February 15th to April 15th

  • All winners will be notified of the results in late April- mid May

  • Students ages 12-26 anywhere in the world are eligible to apply

  • Entries must involve the environment/environmental awareness

  • All entries must be submitted via

  • Questions? Email us at