Do you accept previously published work?

Yes, we accept any work, as long as the publication you previously submitted to gave you the rights to submit it to other journals. Also, please note in your submission where you have been published so that we can give the other publication credit.

Does it cost money to submit to the journal?

No, we will never charge any fees to submit in any category.

After I submit, how long will it take for the journal to respond?

We strive to respond to all submissions in 1 month. If you still haven't heard from us by then, feel free to send a message to our editors at

When is Binsey Poplar Press Published?

We publish our magazine every 2 months, but publish individual works on our website on a rolling basis between 1-3 months.

What's the age range for submissions?

We accept submissions from anyone 13-26 years of age.

How do I submit?

Please visit the 'Submit' page on our website, or send submissions directly to our editors at

What are the author's/artist's rights upon publication?

After your piece is published on our website, all rights immediately revert back to the author/artist in full, and you can freely publish your piece elsewhere. Throughout our entire process you stay in charge of your work, and always have full ownership.