Before you submit, please read these guidelines:

Application Eligibility:


  • People ages 12-26 from anywhere in the world are encouraged to submit 

  • Works must be written predominantly in English, but may include phrases in other languages

  • Submit a maximum of 3 pieces of poetry and/or 3 pieces of prose to the journal

  • Submit a maximum of 5 pieces of artwork to the magazine

  • We accept simultaneous submissions and/or previously published work; however, please make note in your submission where your work has been published or is forthcoming

  • There is no theme for applications to this journal. 

  • However, for inspiration, art or writing may deal with loss, environmental awareness, or nature, as our name comes from a poem by G. M. Hopkins about trees being cut down.

  • There is never a fee to submit in any category

  • All applicants will be notified via email about the status of their submission within 1 month of submitting it.




  • Poetry pieces have no requirements for length

  • Prose pieces must not exceed 3,500 words (double-spaced)

  • The maximum number of words for a set of prose pieces is 10,500





  • Please submit your pieces as .doc, .docx, or .pdf files

  • All work must be double-spaced, size 12, Times New Roman font

  • Please do not put your name on any of your pieces. All work will be judged impartially by our editors

  • Instead, use the 'Submit' page of our website with the subject line to fill in your preferred first and last name, and your state/school

  • For most poems, please format them flush left unless you feel a different type of formatting is integral to your poem

  • For prose pieces exceeding 1 page, please number your pages in the bottom right-hand corner



  • In its selection process, Binsey Poplar seeks art that has a unique voice or message that is visually engaging

  • Please send us drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, or mixed media.

  • All files submitted must be high-definition .jpg,  .pdf, or .png  images


Questions about submitting? Please contact our editors through the 'Contact' page or email us at 

We strive to respond to questions in less than a week.