Inside my mind--

a swirling black cloud of spirals and stripes

scurries across my brain,

lacing each thought, each idea,

with a thin black thread that clings--

as if it were a silken smooth cobweb

spun from the menace

that crawls within my head.

author's corner


is a senior at Mountain View High School who loves studying the natural sciences. Despite their constant exploration for logical explanations, Cassie writes in their free time to explore more abstract concepts that lack a strong scientific basis in hopes to bring them closer to humanity.

"When schools closed in March, I suddenly felt stuck within myself. I wanted a way to describe the feeling of an inner demon that grew stronger as it feasted off the loneliness that came with being socially isolated. It's the emptiness left by losing valuable time and experiences in my teenage years filled by the weight and confusion of trying to grasp on to the few strands of normality that's left behind."