Congratulations to the Winners of our 2021 Environmental Awareness Contest!

Art Winners

1st place


"The deteriorating ecological water situation leads to a decrease in the population of wild animals."


Danilova Daria, 22

     From: Russia

"Oil Water"

Pink Illustrated Flower

Arielle Kim is a seventeen-year-old artist from Virginia who is heavily interested in the arts and the sciences.

2nd place


"Dive Deeper"

"The piece 'Dive Deeper' is a colored pencil piece created using Prismacolor colored pencils and white paper. The inspiration for this piece is the global marine debris issue. Marine pollution is an issue that plagues the underwater world and the biodiversity within it, and humans are significantly contributing to it through anthropogenic activities. Marine pollution increases species extinction rates and makes species, including humans, more vulnerable to disruptions and environmental changes. The meaning of the piece is that humans must take action to preserve the planet and marine species. Stricter laws combined with citizen action and environmental advocacy are imperative to ensuring human safety and ecosystem health. The diver in the drawing picking up debris represents the need for human efforts to mitigate the marine pollution issue. The eye in the background symbolizes the need for greater awareness of the global problem- it impacts everyone on Earth."

3rd place


 Cindy Zhou, a 16-year-old artist from California, US, currently attending DVHS. She enjoys painting and drawing during her free time and has done art since a young age.


 "In my artwork, I wanted to demonstrate the environmental issue of food waste, and it is a big part of our society but not mentioned as often as it needs to be. I tried to show the food from the foreground of fresh tasty foods with bright bold colors. From the unfinished rotting food to the take-out then eventually becoming trash shown by the gloominess of the background. Especially during quarantine, there is a problem of taking out waste as there are no more social activities nor restaurants. The hands from the top represent different cultures all contributing to food waste whether is from grocery shopping of fresh produce or unfinished leftovers. The materials I used are gouache and color pencils on toned paper."


Writing  Winners

1st place


Christina is currently a student in grade 11, studying in Ontario, Canada. She is currently 17 years old. Aside from reading, she can be found playing an unhealthy amount of video games, looking at cat tiktoks, or taking yet another nap.

Click here to read Bones: A short story (prose) on climate change, and its effects on both the Earth and the human race.

Christina Li

 Alyssa Ly is currently a 17-year-old junior at Foothill High School in California. She enjoys writing, drawing, and being generally creative. She worries about her future too much.

Click here to read The Icarus Species 

"My prose piece was hugely inspired by the news of youth-led climate protests all over the world. I was amazed that so many teens from all these various cities and countries were out here, striking to make a difference in our future. While creating my piece, I felt so much hope as I kept learning more about what was being done to save our planet.

Alyssa Ly - Headshot.jpg

2nd place

senior pic.jpg

3rd place

Jill Schuck is a sophomore at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. There, she studies creative writing and sociology. In addition to writing, she also enjoys acting, fashion, activism, and frequenting the student coffee shop.

Click here to read Dinner Party at the Battery Factory. "This piece reflects the environmental damages of factories. Capitalists continue to exploit their workers--and the public--to the harmful conditions they inflict."

Alyssa Ly

Jill Schuck